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The Peaceful Mother

Coach - Parenting & Healing
Author - The Angry Mom's Guide to Self-Regulation
Influencer - @the.peaceful.mother
Emilie Delworth

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Prioritizing Self-Care As A Busy Mom

A How-To Guide & Workbook

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7 Day Nervous System Reset

What People Are Saying

"The 7 Day Nervous System Reset Challenge is absolutely incredible. I needed more than just talk therapy and basic breathing and you've just given me so much. The tools I needed and couldn't find anywhere else. Thank you so much for doing this."

- Katie

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Emotional Regulation Posters for kids available in 11 languages, plus posters for teens and adults, routine charts, flashcards and more, all available for immediate download.

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The Angry Mom's Guide to Self-Regulation

A step-by-step guide to identifying your triggers and learning to regulate your nervous system and emotions, so that you can show up as the intentional mom you want to be.


"When my two boys (5 & 7) came home and saw the Emotional Regulation Posters on the wall they were very intrigued and excited to use them. Honestly, I was too! They came in handy several times throughout the weekend and I am certain they helped stave off a few major tantrums, for all of us! The posters helped us get to their underlying needs so much faster, without so much dysregulation and aggression. SUCCESS! Thank you so much for these tools!"

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