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Let's Learn Emotional Intelligence Workbook for Kids is a comprehensive guide tailored for ages 3 to teens. This all-encompassing workbook combines the content of three powerful resources – "Processing Tough Emotions," "Daily Emotions," and "Emotion Regulation Skills", plus lots more – offering 99 pages of creative learning, expression, and fun.


Designed to empower young minds, this workbook spans nine engaging sections, providing a holistic approach to emotional intelligence. From identifying emotions to building self-esteem and mastering essential emotion regulation skills, each section offers a unique and interactive experience for children of all ages.


With colorful illustrations and age-appropriate content, this workbook transforms the exploration of emotions into an exciting adventure. Equip your child with the tools they need to understand, express, and regulate their emotions with confidence and creativity. Elevate their emotional intelligence with the Let's Learn Emotional Intelligence Workbook – where every page is a step towards emotional well-being and self-discovery!

Let's Learn Emotional Intelligence

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