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Your Path to Transformation and Wellness Awaits

Courses and Coaching Programs for Healing Mothers

Kundalini Yoga Breathing


7 Day Nervous System Reset Challenge

Inner Child Healing

Each day of this 7 day challenge, you will be guided through four new video tutorials of body movement and/or breathwork techniques that work to regulate the nervous system. Each day builds upon the previous day's learning and at the end of your week, you will have a new toolbelt full of regulatory drills that are proven to work for you in attaining a more regulated nervous system.


The Inner Child Healing Course provides a safe, guided process for you to heal your inner child and explore the depths of reparenting. This course is specifically designed to unlock the healthy loving parent within you and create a healthier inner family system. My approach blends somatic healing and the latest trauma research to create a truly unique healing experience. 


Playful Mother and Daughter

The Regulated Mother

Group Coaching Program

The Regulated Mother is a flexibly-paced 12 week coaching program that guides you through discovering the roots of your dysregulation, connecting more deeply to your body, and teaches you to regulate your nervous system, and thus, better regulate your emotions. This program includes educational videos and tutorials, weekly group coaching sessions, and a corresponding workbook. The Regulated Mother also includes lifetime access to a private support group where you can connect with other students and alumni, plus the option to download all of the program content, and many other bonuses.

*Next Cohort starts in August

$1200 *Payment plan available

Which Path Is Right For Me?

7 Day Nervous System Reset

This course is for you if...

  • You struggle with chronic dysregulation.

  • You're seeking effective techniques to regulate your nervous system.

  • You're committed to developing a regular practice.

  • You're ready to positively rewire your neural networks.

  • You're ready to commit to 7 days of practicing 5-10 minutes per day.

Inner Child Healing

This course is for you if...

  • You struggle with emotional triggers and want effective strategies to manage them.

  • You deal with depression and seek tools to support your mental and emotional well-being.

  • You are ready to address unresolved trauma and embark on a journey of healing.

  • You are committed to cultivating greater self-love and compassion in your life.

  • You're motivated to move through a healing course at your own pace.

The Regulated Mother

This coaching program is for you...

  • You struggle with reactivity such as yelling or shaming, or you find yourself freezing or dissociating when faced with challenges.

  • You're ready to empower yourself against emotional triggers and nervous system dysregulation.

  • You're determined to break free from trauma responses that impact your life.

  • You're seeking connection and growth alongside a supportive group of women who share similar experiences and goals.

  • You're committed to a 12-week journey of learning and practicing, dedicating 1-4 hours per week to personal growth.

What People Say About
The 7 Day Nervous System Reset


"This is everything I didn't know I needed! The 7 day challenge helped me establish a regular practice doing these drills and in the weeks since completing the challenge, my ability to remain calm during my child's upsets has blown me away. Thank you thank you!"


"The 7 Day Nervous System Reset Challenge is absolutely incredible. I needed more than just talk therapy and basic breathing and you've just given me so much. The tools I needed and couldn't find anywhere else. Thank you so much for doing this."


"The 7 Day Nervous System Reset is everything! I had no idea this type of work even existed until I found you on Facebook and OMG it's the best thing I've found for easing my anxiety and overstimulation with my kids. Truly amazing!"

What People Say About
The Inner Child Healing Course


"I'm about half way through your inner child healing course and it's been so amazing! The somatic healing breaks are so helpful after such deep and sometimes difficult inner child exercises you guide us through."


"I was so nervous to start your inner child healing course, and honestly sometimes the exercises are really hard because of the emotions that come up. But i can feel parts of myself healing and it's getting easier to give myself love. I appreciate that you give us so much time to complete the course, too! Cuz man some of the stuff in me is not easy to face."


"I'm only a few sections into your inner child course and wow! This is so much more in-depth than anything else I've tried. Thank you for creating this!"

What People Say About
The Regulated Mother


"The Regulated Mother is such an amazing positive life changing experience, no matter what level you are on when you come into it. I was getting to a point where I couldn't even stand myself so I'm glad to have moved so far away from that. I don't think anyone would end the program feeling like they wasted their time. I felt nothing but heard, supported and welcome the whole time."


"The regulated Mother has helped me become a better mother.  I didn't want to be the angry mom who reacted easily from my triggers.  I wanted to be the calm in my child's storm.  I wasn't able to do that prior to this program.  This program has given me the ability to do just that, be the calm for my child- help them co-regulate. I will forever use these tools."


"The Regulated Mother program was incredibly healing and hope-inspiring. Before the program I felt lost, hopeless, powerless and confused. I knew I needed to change but didn't know what to do or where to start. This program gave me a structured yet flexible, easy to follow, step by step guide and included everything I needed to make huge progress in my healing journey. It included information and focus on all the areas that impact my ability to be the mother I want to be, not just the act of regulating myself. Emilie was the right balance of grace and loving "do the work" when things got tough. The information was presented in a clear, well thought out way and was not over complicated. The exercises were explained and modelled well and the workbook was extremely helpful. I would encourage everyone to do this program and also make sure you attend the weekly group calls! They are invaluable and really made me feel connected and supported! Thank you so much!" 

Choose Your Path...

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