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Resource Guide

Trauma, Crisis, Addiction, Parenting & More

Helplines and Directories

Crisis hotlines for varying needs, all over the world. 

Crisis hotlines for varying needs all over the US. 
Also includes directory for finding psychologists in your area, for varying prices.

Mental Health resources and information.

Online therapy directory. 

Call 211

The United Way's Resource Line.
Call anywhere in the US to speak with someone and get local resources.

National Parent Helpline 

Helpline and resource guide for parents anywhere in the US.
Provides information and resources for a number of challenges facing parents, including single mothers, fathers, pregnancy, internet safety, adoption, children with disabilities, and much more.

Online education for parents to learn about various mental health disorders and signs to look out for in their children.
Includes helplines for and about kids in Canada, and other website resources for around Canada.

International directory of helplines for children.
Also includes other tools and educations in relation to children's mental health and getting help.

Call, text, or chat anywhere in the US.
Free helpline for suicide and crisis'.


Free resource page for addicts and family/love ones of addicts.
Includes a directory of treatment centers throughout the US, support groups for family members/loved ones, information about various drugs and alcohol, a number of hotlines, information and help with payment options for treatment. Their helpline is available 24/7 for free. 

Online Talk Therapy, Trauma Therapy & Psychiatry

Offers a number of online therapies including talk therapy, somatic therapy, CBT, DBT, EFT, Exposure therapy, and more.
Individual, Couples, Teens, and Psychiatry available (can manage meds)
Free Consultation matches you with the right therapist for your needs. 
Not sure of exact pricing options, but they say they're 80% cheaper than most-face-to face therapies.

International directory for finding therapists either online or in your area.

Online EMDR sessions.
Free trial, then $69/month for unlimited sessions.

Domestic Abuse

Resource guide for victims of domestic violence including a number of specific crisis hotlines, including for victims who are deaf, Spanish speaking, immigrants, indigenous, and more.
Also includes an international Pathways to Safety hotline, and legal resources and shelters, online forums and advocacy and support groups.

Free Government information for women who are considering leaving an abusive relationship.

Information and resources for both victims and perpetrators of domestic violence who are seeking help to change and break the cycle.

Online Parenting Support Groups & Resources

Free online support groups for moms (and one for dad's, too) who are dealing with postpartum mental health challenges.

Online support group for mothers of special needs children/adults.

Online resource for teaching children emotional intelligence. Includes free printables and activity ideas for children and parents to do together, tips and information for parents.

Food & Shelters

Nationwide directory for government services including Food Assistance, affordable housing, unemployment and job placement, grants and loans, assistance for students, military programs and benefits, retirement, help with paying bills, Finances and taxes, travel and immigration, and other social services. Offers online directory and information, plus the option to chat or speak with a US Gov Agent for assistance. 

Free online directory for finding food banks in your area, throughout the United States.

Online directory for finding shelters in you area. Includes homeless shelters, low income housing, supportive housing, half-way housing, transitional housing and day-use shelters.


Free Online directory for finding jobs in your area in the US.

A guide that breaks down 10 jobs in the legal field that do not require a law degree. Includes a breakdown on job duties, average income amount, and education requirements for each position.

Miscellaneous Other Resources

Free information, resources, and 12 step meetings available for survivors of dysfunctional families.

Online directory for finding a number of alternative medicine practitioners in your area, for various needs including pain management and more.
Practitioners include acupuncturists, chiropractors, nutritionists, naturopaths, reiki, hypnosis, massage, and more.

Free online directory for finding lawyers in your area for various different legal needs including family law, assault, criminal law, personal injury, immigration, and more.
Presenting your case is free and confidential. Lawyers present their pricing once they've reviewed your case and decide to make you an offer to take your case.

Free, available online and/or over the phone, includes many different 12 step meeting specifications.

 Free. Offers structured, clear sequence of courses.

Online anger management class specified for domestic violence. 
$25, satisfies court, legal and employment requirements.

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