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18 pages of interactive relaxation technique


Introducing our revolutionary workbook, carefully crafted for parents of teens who understand the importance of nurturing their child's holistic well-being. Unlock the power of body, mind, and art with our unique approach, inspired by Elan Shapiro's stress-reduction model.


This comprehensive workbook is a dynamic fusion of innovative techniques seamlessly integrating with your teen's body, mind, and artistic spirit. Developed with a keen focus on promoting grounding, our exercises are designed to empower teens to navigate the challenges of adolescence with resilience and creativity.


Each section of our workbook guides teens through a transformative journey, fostering a deeper connection to self. Whether you explore a single section or embark on the complete four-element experience in one sitting, our exercises provide a roadmap for teens to cultivate grounding from head to toe.


Immerse your teen in the transformative power of the 4-Elements exercises, strategically designed to initiate from the feet and ascend to the head. As your teen engages with these simple yet impactful exercises, they are not just developing coping mechanisms – they are building a foundation of strength and resilience that will serve them in times of stress.


Invest in your teen's well-being today – choose a holistic approach that aligns with their body, stimulates their mind, and unleashes their artistic potential. Our workbook isn't just a tool; it's a pathway to unlocking the full spectrum of your teen's capabilities. Embrace the journey towards a grounded, empowered, and creatively fulfilled adolescence.

Artful Grounding: A Parent's Guide to Help Teens through Body, Mind, and Art

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