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Introducing Our Comprehensive Guide to Empower Your Teens in Managing Anxiety!


55 + pages of Therapist-Tested Worksheets


We understand that navigating anxiety can be challenging for teens and their families. That's why we've created a versatile and engaging booklet specifically designed to assist adolescents in building essential skills to conquer stress and anxiety.


Empower your teens with the knowledge and skills to navigate anxiety effectively! This comprehensive guide provides informative text and easy-to-follow instructions on various worksheets and activity pages. Parents and teens can use specific sections based on the teen's current needs, fostering a supportive environment for learning and practicing stress-reducing techniques.


What's Inside:


  • Introduction
  • The purpose behind the Creation
  • Instructions
  • Daily Journal
  • What's Here Now
  • Thoughts and Weather Patterns
  • Thought Record
  • Feeling Wheel
  • Anxiety Scale
  • Body Awareness
  • Question Your Anxiety
  • If Feelings Could Talk
  • The Three States of Mind
  • Activate a Wise Mind by Creating Self-Awareness
  • Where to Focus Your Attention and Creating a Goal
  • Map Out the Emotional Storm
  • Anxiety Patterns/Mapping Them Out
  • Unhelpful Thinking Patterns
  • Understanding the Window of Tolerance
  • Weekly Review Checklist
  • Practice Schedule


We are confident that this booklet will equip your clients and teens with the tools, techniques, and skills needed to understand their emotions better and positively cope with anxiety. Invest in your teen's emotional well-being today!

Comprehensive Guide to Empower Your Teens in Managing Anxiety

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