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The Angry Mom's
Guide to

A Mind-Body Approach to Managing Your Emotions

Emilie Delworth

The Angry Mom's Guide to Self-Regulation: A mind-body approach to managing your emotions.

About The Angry Mom's Guide...

Few adults learned how to regulate their emotions as children, and therefore, few mothers enter into their new role with the skill of self-regulation. The traditional approach to parenting has unintentionally taught generations of children to shut down their emotions and disconnect from their bodies. Those children have grown to become loving parents overwhelmed by dysregulated nervous systems, often finding themselves in a cycle of reactive behaviors, guilt and shame. In The Angry Mom's Guide to Self-Regulation, Emilie provides mindful reflections and accessible action steps that help readers identify their individual triggers, increase body awareness, and create a personalized practice of nervous system regulation. Whether you're a parent or not, If you are desperate to break free from your reactive default mode and begin living in alignment with your values, this is the book for you.


"The Angry Mom's Guide to Self-Regulation is amazing and I love it so much. It's helping me understand so much of the 'whys' I've been lugging around with me for so very long. I always read about learning to love myself but it didn't really make much sense or seem feasible until I read your book. Thank you Emilie. Thank you so much."


"The Angry Mom's Guide to Self-Regulation is amazing. I love how you present so many tools in such a user friendly way. Someone had suggested a breathing tool to me that I just didn't connect with. Now I know why - it was for hypo-arousal, not hyper-arousal. Thank you for dividing them into sections. I deeply appreciate this book."


I loved it! It talks about complex dynamics of a mom who has problems dealing with her emotion with an easy language; no digressions. I find it great that has links to actual videos on her website where you can help yourself with regulation exercises. I'm happy to recommend it. It's only 100 pages and it tells you just what you need to do.
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