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Your path to empowerment and healing

Are you seeking a community that offers genuine support, encouragement, and deep understanding? If you've been on a challenging healing journey, you understand that the path can be tough, even isolating. It doesn't have to be, though. Now is the moment to connect with like-minded women who prioritize growth and inspire positive change in your life. Join us to foster meaningful connections and empower each other on this transformative journey. Together, we can create a space where healing and growth flourish.

The Peaceful Mother Membership

$45/month  $80/month

The Peaceful Mother Membership plan offers access to a wide range of services and resources for a small monthly fee. Our membership is designed to support your journey towards healing and personal growth with transformative tools, expert guidance, and a supportive community. By joining us, you'll have access to all of our courses, The Regulated Mother group coaching program, VIP access to upcoming Masterclasses and Workshops, and our library of past masterclasses. Additionally, you'll get exclusive access to The Women's Healing Collective, an online supportive community exclusively for women actively working on healing, co-hosted by Emilie and two other coaches. We host weekly somatic sessions, post weekly journal prompts, monthly live Q&As, and a library of somatic healing lessons and lessons on trauma concepts. Plus, a supportive forum for making connections with like-minded women.

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Join Now and lock in your introductory price, keep the price forever.

We don't heal in isolation, but in community

Healing Courses

Explore transformative healing courses designed to nurture nervous system regulation, enhance emotion regulation skills, facilitate trauma healing, and cultivate deep self-compassion. Gain practical tools and practices to support your journey towards greater resilience, emotional well-being, and inner peace.

Expert Guidance

Experience expert guidance from Emilie of The Peaceful Mother and two other specialized professionals, along with a growing community of coaches. Benefit from personalized support and insights as you navigate your healing journey.

Community Support

Join our exclusive online community designed for women actively engaged in healing. In this safe and empowering space you can give and receive support, connect with women who get it, and forge meaningful connections on your healing journey. 

This is the space for you if...

  • You're ready to take charge of your life and reclaim control from trauma responses.

  • You're seeking a supportive community of women who understand your journey.

  • You value guidance from multiple coaches specializing in trauma recovery.

  • You're eager to dive into self-paced courses for personal growth and healing.

  • You want to learn effective ways to support your children's development.

  • You're ready to access thousands of dollars' worth of resources for just $45/month.


Join us in this empowering space to embark on your healing journey, connect with others, and gain invaluable tools and support—all at an affordable price.

7 Day Nervous System Reset
$25 Value

I understand the havoc that dysregulation can wreak on your life and family, and how challenging it can be to achieve a regulated nervous system, which is why I've created a 7-day challenge designed to help you get started. My video tutorials break down simple, yet effective, regulatory drills to help you feel more grounded and centered. I believe that everyone deserves to feel at peace within their own body.

The Regulated Mother Group Coaching Program
$1200 Value

The Regulated Mother is a flexibly-paced 12 week coaching program, designed to help mothers like you, who may be struggling with dysregulation, emotional triggers, or simply wanting to connect more deeply with their body and regulate their nervous system. My program is equipped with educational videos and tutorials, weekly group coaching sessions, a corresponding workbook and lifetime access to a private support group. Plus many other bonuses! I provide the tools necessary to help you gain emotional regulation and feel empowered in your role as a mother.

One-on-One Session
$200 Value

Kick off your healing experience with a personalized 50-minute one-on-one session tailored to your unique needs and goals. These client-led sessions are designed to provide focused support in areas such as parenting guidance, personalized healing, and addressing specific challenges like anxiety. Whether you're seeking clarity in your parenting journey, personalized strategies for healing and growth, or targeted assistance with emotional well-being, your complimentary session is sure to empower you.

Inner Child Healing Course
$100 Value

The Inner Child Healing Course provides a safe, guided process for you to heal your inner child and explore the depths of reparenting. This course is specifically designed to unlock the healthy loving parent within you and create a healthier inner family system. My approach blends somatic healing and the latest trauma research to create a truly unique healing experience. If you're ready to better understand your own internal parts and how they impact your daily life, facilitating a deeper understanding of yourself and your experiences, this course is for you.


Masterclasses & Workshops
$50+ Value

Explore my growing masterclass library, featuring previous sessions such as "Healing Your Inner Child While Raising One" and "Siblings 101," among others. As a member, you'll also enjoy VIP access to all upcoming masterclasses and workshops, which typically require individual registration fees of $27 or more. Dive into transformative topics, expand your knowledge, and enhance your parenting skills with exclusive access to these valuable resources. Unlock the keys to personal growth and parenting success through my masterclass series.

Discounts On Digital Resources
$25+ Value

As a valued member, enjoy exclusive discounts on all digital items available in our storefront throughout the duration of your membership. Explore a diverse range of products including our emotional regulation posters for kids, available in 12 languages, posters designed for teens and adults, emotional intelligence workbooks for children, self-care guides for moms, and much more. Enhance your family's well-being with these valuable resources at discounted rates, accessible only to our dedicated community of members. 


All About The Women's Healing Collective

Your Monthly Community Membership Includes:

  • Weekly Live Group Call that includes somatic healing for emotional release session.

  • Weekly Journal Prompts for meaningful self-reflection.

  • Weekly Accountability Check-In thread to support your growth and build relationships.

  • Monthly Live Q&A Session where we answer questions submitted by community members.

  • Access to Somatic Healing to support your holistic well-being (includes breathwork, guided meditations, EFT, and so much more).

  • Access to Trauma Concepts and Healing Lesson Library for deeper understanding of how your experiences have impacted your life and how you can break free.

  • A supportive community forum where you can connect with other healing women, ask questions, get support, and celebrate wins.

  • A growing team of Expert Coaches to guide and support you.


Normally $59/month, but included in your membership for $45.

Get to know your coaches

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Emilie Berkman

Parenting Coach,
Trauma Recovery Coach & Author

I had been on a healing path for over a decade before I truly found the transformation I needed in order to ditch victimhood for an empowered life of thriving. Despite all of my hard work and all of my progress, i found myself overcome with rage as a new mom. It was hurting my child and destroying my marriage. It was the catalyst that led me to study trauma recovery and somatic healing. In discovering how to release trauma from my body and regulate through my many triggers, I unlocked a newfound passion for helping other moms do the same.

It is my passion and my honor to be your guide into the light of empowered life and motherhood.

Kristina bio.jpg

Kristina Bentle

Teacher, Author,
Neuroscience & Trauma Expert

For 15 years I was in a constant battle to get through the day, and I often wondered if things would ever get better. It all changed when I began to understand the profound mind and body connection… and through this journey, I finally started to heal and better yet, thrive.

My story is a testament to the fact that you can overcome anything life throws at you, from childhood trauma to becoming a widow at 24, surviving a suicide attempt, suffering from chronic pain, an autoimmune disease, and being diagnosed with a rare neurological condition.

Now I want to share the lessons I’ve learned, so you don’t have to continue to struggle so deeply.

Savannah bio.jpg

Savannah Miller

Resiliency Coach
& Breathwork Facilitator

I am a highly sensitive, recovering people pleaser, millennial, childhood abuse survivor, wife, and mom of two teenagers and a 6 year old (yes, it gets crazy). My healing journey really started to blossom when I found the right set of tools for me; breathwork for emotional release and grounding, a compassionate mentor, inner child and parts work and the support of a community of survivors. These pieces finally helped me to love myself in a radical way, and fiercely protect my inner child.

I’ve learned what resilience is really about and I’m passionate about creating spaces where other people can heal and grow.

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