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Empower your child's emotional journey with our interactive Animal Feeling Wheels, a creative tool designed to make exploring feelings a delightful experience! Encourage your child to choose their mood for the day using our personalized wheel—the joy of happiness, the curiosity of worry, or the spark of anger. Crafting their wheel is a fun activity and an opportunity for self-expression.


On days filled with happiness, celebrate together! For those worrisome moments, offer the support and affirmation they need. When anger arises, use the wheel as a conversation starter to discuss effective coping strategies. The beauty of the Mood & Emotion Wheel lies in its ability to enhance your child's emotional vocabulary, helping them articulate complex feelings with ease.


This engaging tool fosters ongoing communication about the rich tapestry of emotions we experience. Remind your child that there are no good or bad emotions—every feeling is valid. Make exploring emotions a continuous journey by incorporating the Mood & Emotion Wheel into your daily routine, ensuring you capture and discuss various moods over time. Transform the way you connect with your child's emotions today.


A whimsical collection featuring colored art and black-and-white animal-feeling wheels waiting to be brought to life by your child's creative touch! These enchanting coloring sheets provide a delightful canvas for your kids to add a burst of color and personalize and fill in the blanks, turning each animal wheel into a unique expression of their emotions. Make learning about feelings a creative journey with our engaging coloring sheets seamlessly blending fun and emotional intelligence.

Animal Feeling Wheel Posters Teaching Emotional Awareness

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